Our Approach

I thought to post this video because it covers our initial conversation with companies, organisations and owner managed businesses who contact us seeking websites, upgrades to existing sites or SEO.

This article is about web development. I will post about SEO on another occasion.

We are very different in our approach to websites, in that we use a lot of psychology as well as being early adopters of the ever growing range of technology tools, such as interactive instant messaging and communications add ons, self learning FAQ’s, magazine style eCommerce themes, secure area sections for Board and management communications /reports and management tools such as shift controllers, HR management and financial reporting/banking platforms.

We enjoy growing success through our approach and, by using the mantra of needs, wants, demands, engage, resonate and proposition, we see significant performance for our clients. It may be simple and easily disrespected, but these 6 words work.

Of course, our solutions come under the simple banner of websites, but to us, this includes eCommerce sites, retail portals, networking sites, recruitment sites, video on demand training platforms, eBanking and magazine sites.

Always enthusiastic, our approach is friendly and non technical. We strongly believe that good SEO is built in at the time of launching, supported by intelligent, well thought out SEM which delivers relevant fresh content simply and without huge time demands. The 200 ranking factors are important and need to be respected, so we don’t use ‘tricks and hacks’ as Google will punish these.

You can find us on abrightbusiness.com and we work internationally in both Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Ukrainian languages.

Thanks to David Fallon of Fallon Media for producing the video and to our own video expert Vlad Dudnyk who gave it a final trim.

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