Maintenance and Support


Software support and maintenance outsourced to VI-Progress Ltd. allows your business to concentrate on its strategic goals, relieves your staff of routine tasks and saves their time for advising and supporting customers.

System Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of your core applications, hardware and overall system performance to ensure system uptime. Support team is immediately alerted when your system crosses the defined thresholds to avoid your server going down, memory reaching capacity or a workstation consistently being overloaded.

– Application monitoring
– Server monitoring
– Network and remote connectivity management
– Event log management
– Backup and recovery

Application Maintenance

We offer 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support services for applications developed by Itransition or by any third party vendor. VI-Progress Ltd. professional services include:
Issue detection, diagnosis, analysis and solution delivery,
– Workaround provision & hot fixes
– New releases and updates
– Service and feature packs delivery

Security Audit

Scheduled updates for security patches, spyware removal, antivirus, spam protections and network security help boost your IT system robustness multi-fold.

Make your products available online. E-commerce is an essential tool which allows your clients purchase your products online, which increases your outreach and sales.
Web Development
Website allows you to represent your business in the internet. It is important to have a website which works for your business by attracting potential clients.
Search Engine Optimization and Marketing allows you to analyse, detect your potential customers and build a precise strategy to cover targeted customers.
Software Development
Software development allows you to ease business processes. Take your business to the next level by implementing new solutions.
Increase your coverage by representing your business through mobile apps.
Online Banking
Development of corporate online banking platforms and integrating payment api's to your website.
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